Free Minecraft Account

Free Minecraft Account

Basically, there are two methods of creating a free Minecraft account. Those followings are:

1. New Minecraft Apk Account

  • Firstly go to the Minecraft Apk website. Than entering Minecraft Apk address in your browser.
  • Then click on LOG IN. This option is available on the top right corner on the Minecraft Apk page.
  • After this click on Register one here! This option is available at the bottom of the page and next to the “Don’t have an account?” This setup will take you to the next setup of creating a page.
free minecraft accounts list
free Minecraft accounts list
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  • So the next setup, you enter your free Minecraft account information. In Email address field you enter your email address for Minecraft Apk account. So in Repeat, email address field re-enters the email address that has you already enter in Email address In Password field you enter the password for login to your free Minecraft account. After this Repeat Password field, you re-enter the same password that you have entered above. Date of Birth field, you select the day, month and year of your birth. And after fill the fields you click on CREATE ACCOUNT at the bottom of the page. Check out More
  • The next setup, you verify your identity. Selecting all pictures in the window that match to each other in a certain description and then click on Verify.
free minecraft account generator
free Minecraft account generator
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  • In the next setup, Mojang sends you the four-character on your E-mail address that you have already entered above. Go to your email address inbox. The open e-mail looks for the four character code in the e-mail. The code is also shown after the word “verification” in the top of the e-mail.
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  • Then type the four-character code in the text box on Minecraft Apk window that has already opened.
  • After that click on Verify option at the bottom of the screen. So finally your free Minecraft account has been created and the next page is Minecraft purchase page. In this page, you may proceed further with purchasing Minecraft or you can Log out the page. Your Mojang account has been ready to use.
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2. Migrating Free Minecraft Account to Mojang Account

  • Firstly open Mojang account migrating page. Enter the address on your browser. If you have an old Minecraft Apk premium account, you can also migrate it to Mojang account.
  • The next setup enters your Minecraft details from your old Minecraft Apk premium account. E-mail field, you type here your Minecraft Apk premium account’s email. In Username field, you type your Minecraft Apk premium username. So in Password field, you type Minecraft Apk premium password.
free minecraft account and password
free Minecraft account and password
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  • The next setup, you enter your new account details. E-mail field, you enter your email. And in Repeat E-mail field you enter your same email again as you entered in the above field. Next Date of Birth field, you select the day, month and year of your birth. Then check the “I accept the Terms and condition, including………………..Agreement” box and click on Migrate account.
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  • Mojang sends you four-character code to your email. After this, open your email inbox and check the four character code in the email and type this code on Mojang account page.
  • Then click on VERIFY option at the bottom of the screen. So finally your account has been migrated Minecraft Apk to Mojang account.
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free mojang accounts 2018
free Mojang accounts 2018
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